Mar 29

Get 17 Free Inspirational Books

Free Inspirational Books from Thea Westra My friend and a business associate, Thea Westra, and I invite you to download 17 free self improvement eBooks (PDF format), for your education and enjoyment. She says, “Several of these books have audio … Continue reading

Mar 28

"Johnny Carson Takes a Lie Detector Test (Skit)" Video

It’s been said that humor is the best medicine. Humor is also a way to get across a serious message with more subtlety than just blurting out the truth. Satire is a way of poking serious fun at prominent issues. … Continue reading

Mar 25

"The Science Of Getting Rich, In a Nutshell" Video

This is a guest post about the famous wealth book by Wallace D. Wattles, The Science Of Getting Rich (SOGR). Guest Post by Thea Westra If you’ve ever wished for more out of life… If you feel like there’s a … Continue reading

Mar 24

Get Paid to SHARE the Info YOU like! Video

This video explains the Loyaltepays business model by telling the story of these three characters: Tom, likes surfing and makes money for simply sharing videos with his friends on Facebook Lucy, is a single mother and she is using Loyaltepays to … Continue reading

Mar 24

"How to Live Your Purpose" Video

If you’ve ever thought about living your life on purpose, but don’t feel you’ve done that yet, you’ll want to watch this video! It’s a real eye-opener. Marie Forleo of interviews Mastin Kipp, the young entrepreneur founder of … Continue reading

Mar 23

Zig Ziglar – "Attitude Makes All The Difference" Video

Motivational master Zig Ziglar shares the story of a woman who hated her job and how his recommendations helped her to revolutionize her work experience. He shares how important attitude is in how we approach life and live more happily … Continue reading

Mar 21

Raise Your Happiness Vibes

Most of us have finally learned that “everything is energy.” Modern physics has finally caught up with ancient metaphysicians, who knew that thousands of years ago. Physicists have now documented that everything is created from energy and continues as energy. … Continue reading