Apr 29

Abraham: Getting Into the Vortex: The Big One

In this important Abraham video, Esther Hicks translates Abraham’s message about getting into The Vortex BEFORE doing your manifestation process. That’s a primary point many miss when trying to use the Law of Attraction. When you’re coming from a place … Continue reading

Apr 23

How to End The Quest for Enlightenment

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How to End The Quest for Enlightenment By Charles David Heineke For years, after I became disillusioned with “Christianity” as I knew it, and learned of other, more ancient teachings, teachings which, in fact, were embedded within Christian teachings, I fervently … Continue reading

Apr 17

The Power of "Free" – A Video by Pat Flynn

The Power of “Free” In this video Pat Flynn, of www.SmartPassiveIncome.com, explains the power of using FREE in your business and exactly how and why it should be used, by everyone, to get more traffic, subscribers, and customers. It’s a recording … Continue reading

Apr 16

Real Beauty Sketches: You are more beautiful than you think

This video describes an interesting study about our self perception—who we believe we are. Women were asked to describe themselves to a forensic artist who couldn’t see them. He then drew them as they described themselves to be. Then others, … Continue reading

Apr 16

Emmanuel Kelly Sings "Imagine" on The X Factor 2011

Emmanuel Kelly, at the time of this video’s recording, was a young man of 17, originally from Iraq, now living in Australia, who wants to become a professional singer. He’s a man without an identity, born in a war zone … Continue reading

Apr 15

Harrison Craig Sings Broken Vow

Harrison Craig Sings Broken Vow: The Voice Australia Season 2 Harrison Craig, a young man from Australia, grew up as a stutterer, and he still stutters. But when he sings, his voice is a heavenly baritone, without a stutter. Because … Continue reading

Apr 15

Is There Scientific Proof We Can Heal Ourselves? Video

In this TED Talk video, medical doctor Lissa Rankin, MD, presents her research on the scientific documentation for proof that the human body can heal itself. Study after study show this is not only possible, but happening frequently. We know … Continue reading

Apr 14

Kindness Boomerang "One Day" Video

Kindness Boomerang The Kindness Boomerang “One Day” video is another short video (5 mins.) that shows how one small act of kindness can spark another one in someone else, and so on and so on. Just as one negative act … Continue reading

Apr 14

Change For A Dollar – Video

Change For A Dollar This 10-minute video documents the impact that one seemingly “helpless” man has on the lives of others. It’s as if he is the one helping, not the one needing help. Perhaps he’s a master in disguise, … Continue reading