May, 2013

First Thing Every Morning by Lewis Timberlake

Here’s another great inspirational movie from our friends at You’ll need to click the graphic below to watch the movie in another… 0

If We Could See Inside Others' Hearts-Video

My special thanks to Chris Cade for curating this YouTube video and then making it available on the Loyaltepays website, so all Loyaltepays… 0

Money Drama by Anne Sermons Gillis

Guest Post Money Drama by Anne Sermons Gillis News about the economy often serves as a trigger that moves us from EZosophy into… 0

Why We Do What We Do Video

What motivates you? What do you choose and why? What 6 needs does everyone have? This video is a TED talk Tony Robbins… 0

Spiritual Medicine by Karen Wright

Guest Post Spiritual Medicine, by Karen Wright This post is a reprint of one of the articles in Karen’s newsletter, Waking Up. You can subscribe… 0

The M Word – Meditation Benefits

The M Word  – Meditation Benefits Here’s a short video in which Julianna Raye, of Pop Go Zen and How to Meditate With Music… 0

Living From Gratitude

Guest Post Living From Gratitude by Wendy Betterini For most of my adult life I believed that an attitude of gratitude is a… 0

Step Into Your Own Power

Guest Post Step Into Your Own Power By Tony Fahkry Have you settled for sitting on the side-lines instead of getting in the… 0

Secrets of the World Class

Secrets of the World Class–Turning Mediocrity into Greatness, by Steve Siebold How do you see yourself? Middle class? World class? It’s how you… 0

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