Aug 31

Gabrielle Bernstein Video: Words Can Change Your Life

In this brief video Gabrielle Bernstein talks about the energetic power of words. Instead of unconsciously allowing our words to negate and deplete us, we can learn how to consciously and deliberately use words to enhance our life. As Gabby … Continue reading

Aug 31

Barbra Streisand on The Worldwide Epidemic of Women's Heart Disease

There’s a worldwide epidemic that women are dying from, but nobody is talking about it. Barbra Streisand and Dr. Noel Bairey Merz are now telling the story. According to Dr. Merz, “heart disease is the single biggest health threat women … Continue reading

Aug 31

Small World: How to Love Your Identity

Guest Post by Andrew Martin Discovering your true identity is one of life’s greatest challenges. As children, we often align our identity (in other words, our sense of self) with those of our parents, peers, or others we admire. As we … Continue reading

Aug 31

Michael Steger Video: What Makes Life Meaningful

Michael F. Steger, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Counseling Psychology and Applied Social Psychology programs at Colorado State University. He’s also the co-editor of Designing Positive Psychology from Oxford University Press, and Purpose and Meaning in the Workplace … Continue reading

Aug 21

Juwon A. Melvin Video: Should You Make Money or Make a Difference?

Juwon A. Melvin once ran with the bulls in Spain and has also ridden a camel in Morocco. But while observing the lives of poor young children in Morocco,he felt compassion for them and began to question within himself, “Should … Continue reading

Aug 21

The Woman Who Changed Her Brain: Barbara Arrowsmith-Young

In grade one, Barbara Arrowsmith-Young discovered that she had severe learning disabilities. She was told that she had a mental block, which today would have been identified as multiple learning disabilities, and she’d never be able to learn like other … Continue reading

Aug 20

Gabrielle Bernstein Video: How To Use Manifesting To Get Anything You Want

In Marie Forleo‘s eye-opening interview of Gabrielle Bernstein, a New York Times bestselling author and life coach, you’re going to pick up a tip on manifesting that is rarely mentioned and that you may have never run across before. I’ve … Continue reading

Aug 20

Gala Darling Video: Radical Self Love

Growing up in New Zealand, Gala Darling had a good life as a child, but it all went bad when she hit her teens. She felt extreme anger and adopted a Gothic lifestyle to try to find others who felt … Continue reading

Aug 20

Gabrielle Bernstein Video: How To Be A Miracle Worker

Young and successful, Gabrielle Bernstein felt empty and unfulfilled even though she’d achieved the trappings of success. Seeking relief, she lost herself in addictions until she could stand no more. Asking God for help, she was led to study A … Continue reading

Aug 17

Never, Ever Give Up Video: Arthur Boorman's Inspirational Transformation

Fifteen years ago doctors told Arthur Boorman that he’d never walk unassisted again. He was 47 years old and a disabled veteran who had basically given up on life. He was injured as a paratrooper in the Gulf War and … Continue reading