Charles David HeinekeTheDoorway Inspirational Blog was created and is maintained to provide a place for my visitors to find inspiration and upliftment. There are essays, poems, stories, and videos here, and most of them are designed to bless and encourage people. Browse the main navigation menu at the top of the site as well as the Recent Posts and Archives items in the right sidebar. You can also use the Search box at the upper right of the site to search for specific items or subjects.

Site Structure

On the Essays page you’ll find inspirational essays I’ve written over the years. Be sure to look at my essay for womankind, as discussed below. You’ll find poems I’ve written on the Poems page. Our Music page provides a timer complete with various musical compositions you can listen to, simply for enjoyment or for meditation. Be sure to check it out. It’s fun to use and very helpful. I have an Amazon Store page to make it easy for you to find Amazon books, videos, and other products you may want. Our Privacy page provides this site’s privacy information. If you want to contact me, use the Contact page. And above all, enjoy the site, come back often, and invite your friends, too.

Site Owner

This blog was created by Charles David Heineke. I’m an active, retired senior citizen living in northeast Texas. I’m a lover at heart and an entrepreneur who enjoys web- and tech-related things. I enjoy providing inspirational content for my visitors. I’m also totally committed to helping bring peace between mankind and womankind as well as peace in general. I hope you’ll be sure to read and hear me narrate my special message to womankind, the inspirational essay, A Love Letter to Womankind, From Your Awakening Brother, Mankind. It’s both a tribute and an apology, to all of womankind, on behalf of all of mankind.

Copyright Policy

As you will see, none of my works has a copyright notice on it. I no longer believe in copyrighting my work, for I want people to have access to it, whether or not they can pay me for it. If I have something to share, then I want people to have it. So why wouldn’t I want them to copy it? The only possible reason would be so I could be the only one to make any money on it. That’s not why I’m here. I have put a copyright notice at the bottom of this blog, for legal reasons, but I also state there my permission to copy my personal works. I believe that we each get to play the game of life however we choose. That’s the way it’s been set up. And no way is wrong, though we may not agree with it. It’s simply a way. But different ways do bring different results. This is what I feel led to do. For me, this is giving unconditionally, and that’s the only way I can give. Others make their own choices. I believe that I’m on this planet to profit humanity, not to profit only myself. But I have needs too. I also believe that my life has value, and as long as I’m here, I’ll attract whatever I need to stay here comfortably. So I feel free to give unconditionally, and let Spirit provide my support, whether it comes through my own efforts, in some other way, or both. My job is to freely share whatever I have that may benefit another. I also believe that my work is priceless. Without Spirit’s input, it couldn’t be duplicated for all the money in the world. And, it is price-less, whenever possible, so that whosoever will may have access to it. But being price-less doesn’t mean it is worthless. It simply means that it is given to others with the same love that was given to me. How could I do otherwise? If I truly love my brother and sister, how could I ever put a toll gate at my little doorway to Heaven? Thank you for visiting my site. Charles David Heineke

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