Alan Watts Video: How Do You Define Yourself?

Alan Watts Video: How Do You Define Yourself?How do you define yourself? In this short, inspiring lecture narrated by its author, the late Alan Watts, we’re prompted to take another look at how we define ourselves. Instead of using the familiar metrics of defining ourselves, Alan gives us a larger canvas from which to choose. He begins with the “Big Bang” idea and shows how we aren’t just a point at the end of that bang, but, rather, an extension of that bang. It will stretch your imagination to consider his point, but by doing so, you’ll gain a greater appreciation for the role each of us play in this emerging universe and life experience. This short talk is an excerpt from Alan Watts’ lecture “Do You Do It, or Does It Do You? (Time 4:40)

My thanks to Lance Reuss for curating this video for Loyaltepays.

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