Oct 04

Greg Pike Video: A Dog, A Cat, and A Rat

Greg Pike and his three furry friends, Booger, Kitty, and Mousey, entertain people everywhere by simply living together peacefully, when “everybody knows” those three aren’t supposed to get along. Well, they have other plans. About nine years ago someone said … Continue reading

Aug 15

Eldon Taylor's Chicken And Eagle Story Video

We’ve all been “imprinted” by our environment and the “instructions” programmed into us by our parents, siblings, mentors, and society. In this story a male eagle notices a female eagle living among a group of chickens. He watches her for … Continue reading

Aug 02

"You Can't Send a Duck to Eagle School" Movie

Here’s another great inspirational movie from Mac Anderson and www.SimpleTruths.com. It talks about the need for finding people who already have a needed trait rather than trying to train people who don’t have that trait to enact it. It’s really … Continue reading

Jun 27

Lessons of the Geese Video

Stan Cottle, founder of the In Search of Me Café for young people, has put together a beautiful video about the lessons we humans can learn from observing the interdependency and cooperation demonstrated by geese flying in formation. By cooperating … Continue reading

Apr 09

Eat That Frog! Video

Mac Anderson, the Founder of Simple Truths,has teamed up with the well-known motivational author, Brian Tracy, to create a book and video entitled Eat That Frog. After watching the video, you’ll have an opportunity to learn more about the book. William James, … Continue reading

Dec 20

The Cat House on the Kings Movie–Dogs & Cats in Harmony

Here is a beautiful example of the ability of animals to live together in harmony, even such “odd couples” as dogs and cats. Below are some notes quoted from the http://www.cathouseonthekings.com website. Lynea Lattanzio, who founded and runs The Cat … Continue reading

Oct 11

Wisdom of Wolves Movie

Humans can learn a lot from animals if we will only observe them and heed the lessons we can glean from their behavior. They can be wonderful teachers for us. The graphic below links to the short movie from the … Continue reading