Oct 28

The Question I Can't Ask by Karen Wright

Guest Post The Question I Can’t Ask by Karen Wright This article, The Question I Can’t Ask, is taken from Karen Wright’s ebook, Reverence. Her 5 ebooks, Remembrance, Radiance, Resolution, Return, and Reverence, each have 10 chapters, and each ebook … Continue reading

Sep 14

Effective Prayer Expresses Gratitude, Not Supplication

Guest Post by Neale Donald Walsch NOTE: At this time in U. S. history (September 2013), there is much debate about “the Syria situation” concerning the use of chemical weapons against civilians in that country. In response to the many requests … Continue reading

Aug 31

Small World: How to Love Your Identity

Guest Post by Andrew Martin Discovering your true identity is one of life’s greatest challenges. As children, we often align our identity (in other words, our sense of self) with those of our parents, peers, or others we admire. As we … Continue reading

Aug 16

The Choice by Karen Wright

Guest Post The Choice by Karen Wright Choice is our most fundamental freedom. It speaks of free will and opportunity. The chance to decide for ourselves. To succeed or to fail. But, regardless of the outcome, it’s the very fact … Continue reading

Jul 01

Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

Guest Post Dear Readers: Those of us still alive have the option of taking advantage of these insights gained from Bronnie Ware’s years of working with the dying elderly. It’s not too late for us yet. Please read and heed, … Continue reading

Jun 05

What Is EZosophy? by Anne Sermons Gillis

Guest Post Anne Sermons Gillis, a long-time personal friend of mine, is the founder of the EZosophy movement and the foremost expert on ease. She’s the owner of www.AnneGillis.com. She’s an international speaker, minister, author, breath worker, and personal growth … Continue reading

Jun 01

Five Life Lessons I Learned From A Dog

Guest Post Five Life Lessons I Learned From A Dog by Joan Harrison I take care of my friend’s dog Buddy whenever she finds it difficult to get herself a dog sitter. Buddy came into our lives just over two years … Continue reading

May 19

Spiritual Medicine by Karen Wright

Guest Post Spiritual Medicine, by Karen Wright This post is a reprint of one of the articles in Karen’s newsletter, Waking Up. You can subscribe to her newsletter by visiting her website, http://wrightminded.com. To this day I still can’t stomach cherry-flavored stuff. Decades have … Continue reading