Nov 27

"A Simple Act of Caring Creates an Endless Ripple"

water ripples

On this Thanksgiving Day here in America, most of us have so much for which we can be so thankful. Sometimes people need a hand, and reaching out in kindness and compassion to help them can set off a ripple … Continue reading

Oct 30

Returning to Enlightenment

Tyssul Patel Mountain Scene

The following is my current understanding of enlightenment, which began with an experience I had in January 1994, where I decided to accept God’s evaluation of me instead of man’s evaluation of me. — Charles David Heineke It’s been said … Continue reading

Oct 24

The Law of Agreement Book by Tony Burroughs

Law of Agreement by Tony Burroughs

I recently came across Tony Burroughs’ book, The Law of Agreement. Tony is the founder of The Intenders of the Highest Good. I was impressed with the concept of agreement as a component the part we play in using The … Continue reading

Aug 20

Peace is in Our Hands image

Here’s a wonderful public domain image that reminds us that peace truly is in our own hands. The world will be at peace when people are at peace. Image Source: I used this image at a much smaller in … Continue reading

Aug 11

I'm Declaring Peace Song by William Florian

William Florian is formerly the lead singer of the famous 1960’s band The New Christy Minstrels, a very popular singing group of that time and for years afterward. William composed a song called I’m Declaring Peace, and sings it, along … Continue reading