Dec 19

Season’s Greetings 2014 Video

Christmas Greetings 2014

We live in a world of wonderful technical toys and software, and I’ve been playing with Explaindio, a new piece of software recently released. To give myself a specific project to work on, I decided create a short Christmas video … Continue reading

Aug 11

I'm Declaring Peace Song by William Florian

William Florian is formerly the lead singer of the famous 1960’s band The New Christy Minstrels, a very popular singing group of that time and for years afterward. William composed a song called I’m Declaring Peace, and sings it, along … Continue reading

Sep 23

Dumb Ways To Die Video

The Dumb Ways To Die video may seem like a strange selection to appear on an inspirational website, but I’ve included it here because of its humor and the likeable tune behind the words. It’s actually a cartoon and song … Continue reading

Aug 17

Sung-bong Choi's Video Performance of Nella Fantasia

The video’s audio is in Korean, but English subtitles and what’s going on in the video make it all apparent. Sung-bong Choi was 22 when he sang in this Korea’s Got Talent competition. He was left in an orphanage at … Continue reading

Jul 28

"Dreams Are Whispers From the Soul" Movie

Here’s another inspirational movie from Marcia Wieder and Mac Anderson of It’s a reminder that all of our accomplishments first begin as dreams, and an encouragement to bask in our dreams, since that’s how we begin to bring them … Continue reading

Jul 14

Believe in Your Dream Video

My thanks to Louis Teoh for finding this wonderful video and curating it for Loyaltepays. Though it’s a TV commercial for a shampoo, it packs a moving message about a young girl winning in life against all odds. This is … Continue reading

Jul 08

Reflections Of Light Video

This short video is a beautiful meditation in itself, with its fluidly flowing music and its unique transitions. I’ve never seen anything like them. Just the transitions themselves are worth the watch. The quiet, gentle music and the slow back … Continue reading