Do We Have Your Puzzle Piece Yet?

Your Puzzle Piece

“Have you added your piece to the puzzle yet? The puzzle isn’t complete without your piece.”
– Charles David Heineke

Because of the programming most of us have endured from our society, it’s easy for us to think that we might not have much to add to the world’s big puzzle. But that’s not the best way to think of this situation. Our puzzle piece may be just the one needed to make a major difference. It’s surely needed to make the puzzle complete. Others may have already seen what we’ve been missing about ourselves and encourage us to put forth our piece. We might not see how it fits in with the others until after we’ve given our piece to the puzzle. Make the effort to contribute your piece and see how you can add to the whole.

I believe that God doesn’t make mistakes. But His thinking might be larger than ours, for His overview of the whole is far greater than ours. He can see how our puzzle piece can be just right, when added to the whole, even if you don’t see it at first.

I encourage you to offer your unique puzzle piece to the world, and see how it fits into the larger puzzle. Bring your gift to the party, and let everyone see how God’s treasure embedded in your piece adds to the beauty of the whole puzzle.

Charles David Heineke



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