No Tomorrows–Only Today

No Tomorrows--Only Today“You have no tomorrows. You have only today. If tomorrow comes, it will come as today. Look not to the past or the future. Take good care of today, and today will create the future you desire.”
— Charles David Heineke

It sometimes feels like tomorrow will never come, but finally it does come. And when it does, it always shows up as today. So, in a sense, there is no tomorrow. There is only today. Today is the only day we can do something about our tomorrows.

It’s important to be here now, because now is the only place you can be. Even if you’re thinking about the past or the future, you’re experiencing those thoughts now. You’re bringing the past or the future into your now.

Staying present, in the now, helps us focus on what’s important today and, consequently, what will be important tomorrow, because of our attention to that matter today. Being love today will always ensure a better tomorrow. Be Here Now.

Charles David Heineke


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