One Last Door

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There’s one crude door in a corner there—
It’s small and has no style.
I rarely give it half a glance;
It’s hardly worth my while.

I’d rather try the outer doors;
They seem to offer more.
There’ll always be some time to try
That plain and simple door.

But one by one those other doors
Kept closing in my face.
And when, it seemed, they’d done their worst,
They left me in disgrace.

So then, when I could stand no more,
When I couldn’t seem to do a thing;
I hurried to that crude, small door
Where I control the string.

I flung that portal open wide;
There none but I could go.
And looked into the face of God
To see what Truth I know.

And there, within my mind,
I thought My dreams, which none could trod!
And then I went my way in peace,
And left the rest to God.

For He has ways I know not of;
He guides me day by day.
I live my life with faith and love,
For I have found my way.

So remember, friend, when life’s gone dry,
And your patience is wearing thin;
There’s always one last door to try—
The door to your Great Within.

Behind that door lie all your dreams,
Your hopes and visions, too.
Life always starts with one of these,
Then shows you what to do.

So keep your vision strong and true,
No matter what men say.
Behind that one last door, dear friend,
You’ll surely find your way!

Charles David Heineke, 1976
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