Solving Humanity’s Two Greatest Problems


It appears to me that humanity’s two greatest, most fundamental, personal problems are 1. Who are we? and 2. How do we get what we get in life? You might have other ideas, but these two have been of the most interest to me during my lifetime. This isn’t intended to be an exhaustive analysis of this situation, but I believe this discussion will bring some clarity on the matter.

So, who are we?

Our religions tell us that we were created by a powerful Creator. So, what must we be? Powerful creators.

How might we know that?

We observe in all of nature that like begets like. Cows beget cows, not dogs or some other animal. Lions beget lions. Horses beget horses. Thus, Creators must beget creators. We are creators because we were created by a creator. We don’t have to learn how to become a creator. We are one. Problem one solved.

Free Will

Our religions tell us that there was one tree in the garden that would cause us to die if we ate of it. That was a choice we could make or not make. That gave us our free will to choose. Well, according to our religions again, “we” ate of that forbidden tree. We made that choice. What our religions didn’t tell us was that if we made that choice and didn’t like the results it gave us, we could choose again. We could go back to eating of the trees that gave us life, instead of continuing to eat of the tree that brought us death. That was likely a deliberate omission.

So, have we been “changed” from who we were created as?

We’ve been taught to believe that making that choice changed us into something different than what we were created as. Not so. No matter what a horse eats, it’s not going to change into a cow. It might get sick, but it’s not going to radically alter its existence. It’s the same with us. A choice is simply a choice. It doesn’t change our beingness. We were given free will and we used it. Using free will doesn’t change our beingness. It only changes the results we get. And, because we have free will, we can choose again.

So, we still are as we were created: powerful creators. Making choices, even bad ones, didn’t and doesn’t change us into something else. That only showed us that choices have consequences. We merely need to change our choice, once we figure out that we chose one whose consequences we don’t like, and then choose again. So we still are as we were created–creators–just smarter ones.

So, how about that second problem: How do we get what we get in life?

“What is currently” is simply the result of what’s been chosen in the past, by someone who powerfully focused upon an idea until it became a reality. What comes in the future will be a result of what we choose to powerfully focus on in the present. If we keep focusing on what is, we will keep getting more of what is, not something else. If we intensely focus upon something else, it will then become the new “what is.” That’s how creation works. That’s how it’s been set up.


We get in life what we “pray” for.  That’s how we, as creators, create. Jesus taught us how to pray, but we haven’t been taught what he meant by what he said, which his followers apparently were taught. It’s our time to learn that now.

Jesus said to pray, believing that you have already received, and you will receive. That’s the formula, plain and simple. That’s how creators create. God spoke the word, believed what He said, and it was done unto him. It works the same with us, because we’re creators too. But we’ve been taught to disbelieve that. That’s got to change, if we’re going to create what we want, instead of what we don’t want.

We create by focusing on a subject, strongly believing in it, and then it is eventually done unto us as we have believed. The intensity of our belief helps to determine “how long” it takes to come into our reality. Another “timing” factor is lining up the various other players and situations that may be needed to help our new creation manifest. So how does that work out for us?

Well, it often doesn’t work out so well. When we worry and rail against what we don’t like or don’t want in life, we’re doing exactly that process. We’re doing exactly the right process for exactly the wrong reasons! We’re strongly focusing on a subject, strongly believing in it, and it’s being done unto us as we believe. But because our choice isn’t the choice we want, our results aren’t what we want. But they are what we chose to create, unknowingly and unconsciously.

So how do we create consciously and deliberately?

So how do we turn that around, so that we’re creating what we want, instead of creating what we don’t want? We do it by first noticing what we’re intensely focused upon, in the moment. Are we focusing on what we don’t want, or the lack of what we do want? If so, then we must turn our attention away from that and toward what we do want. We use the same, powerful process, but with a different focus.

Because we’ve all become excellent, well trained worriers, we already know exactly how to create in our lives. Worrying is exactly the right  process, used for the wrong reasons. We don’t have to learn how to create. We’ve been doing it all of our lives, because we are creators. Creators create, because that’s what creators do!

We already have the method down pat. We are all masterful worriers, and therefore we are all masterful manifestors. We know how to focus intently and with great emotion. We’ve been doing that all of our lives. That’s the method by which one creates. The only change we need to make is changing our object of attention.

What’s next?

Thus, our problem becomes our solution. We simply turn our focus away from our problem–what we don’t want, or the lack of what we do want–to focusing on our solution, what we want, with the same focus and intensity as we previously used when focusing on our problem.

We must focus on our solution, not on our problem. We must turn all of that worry and angst about the problem, into joy about the solution, and do it repeatedly, over and over, like we did with our problem, but now we’re doing it with our solution, instead.

It’s really that simple. The fact is that we’re going to create, simply because we’re creators. We can’t help but create. So, the issue is, What are we going to create? Are we going to change our focus and create what we want, or continue focusing on our nightmare and continue creating more of that?

It’s a choice we’re making every moment, whether or not we realize we’re making it. We must wake up and notice where we’re putting our focus and attention, so we can create the life we want, not continue creating the nightmare we may already have in our life, if that’s the case.

What do we do now?

If we don’t like how our life currently looks, we’re exactly the right person–the only person–who can begin to change that. It probably won’t happen overnight, because we probably won’t change our powerful focus overnight, but we can begin to change it. Then we need to notice whenever we’re going back to our previous focus. At that point, we must then change our focus again and again, until we’re predominantly focusing on what we want, instead of predominantly focusing on what we don’t want, or on the lack of what we do want. That’s how we can, step by step, change our life from a life we don’t want to the life we prefer.

It’s really that simple. It’s not easy at first, but it is do-able. It’s not easy because habits are automatic. Habits eliminate the need to choose. We made a choice over and over until it became a habit. So, we must now overcome an automatic habit that didn’t serve us, and install a new habit that does serve us.

Consciously choosing anew, instead of following our present habit, isn’t easy, but it’s do-able. Repeatedly and consciously choosing a new action will become our new habit. After we’ve done that repeatedly, then the new habit will become automatic and easy. And then we can begin creating the life we prefer, if we continue choosing what we prefer, instead of focusing on “what is.” That’s how we can begin to start creating the life we prefer, instead of continuing to create a life we don’t prefer. Let’s do it!

Charles David Heineke


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