Apr 09

Why It’s Hard to be Happy (for some folks)

Hard To Be Happy

“You know why it’s hard to be happy? It’s because we refuse to let go of the things that make us sad.” — Lupytha Hermin Really! Often it’s just that simple. We absolutely refuse to let go of the negative … Continue reading

Aug 09

The Power of Forgiveness


“Forgiveness isn’t something you do for another. It’s something you do for yourself.” — Charles David Heineke The world’s great religions have long told us the importance of forgiveness. But they haven’t driven home the reason why forgiveness is so … Continue reading

Oct 12

Man Forgives Murderer For Killing His Little Brother

In this short, unusual video, the older brother of a man who was murdered addresses the accused murderer and the court at the sentencing. There are many things such a man could have said to his brother’s murderer at such … Continue reading

Sep 21

Amanda Gore Video: How To Let Go Of The Past

Amanda Gore is an Australian humorist with a message, and more. She’s bright, witty, and funny. In this short, humorous talk she gives us a fun, effective way of letting go of the past as a way to lighten up … Continue reading

Aug 22

The Power of Forgiveness

Here’s an excellent article on forgiveness, taken from the ChiroMessage™ ezine of 8/22/2007, and originally from the book, Setting Things Straight, by Dr. John Madeira, D.C. People can become extremely ill when they choose to harbor feelings of bitterness, resentment … Continue reading