Feb 20

Pronoia–The Universe is Helping You


What a wonderful concept to consider: instead of “the world” conspiring against us, “the Universe” is actually working on our behalf. Most of us have been taught and have lived most of our lives believing the very opposite–the paranoia approach. How … Continue reading

Oct 30

Returning to Enlightenment

Tyssul Patel Mountain Scene

The following is my current understanding of enlightenment, which began with an experience I had in January 1994, where I decided to accept God’s evaluation of me instead of man’s evaluation of me. — Charles David Heineke It’s been said … Continue reading

Sep 08

Gabrielle Bernstein Video: What would it feel like to trust the Universe?

In this brief video Gabrielle Bernstein talks about the importance of learning to trust the Universe by taking time to get to know and then listen to our inner guidance, or, as she calls it, our “ing,” so we will … Continue reading